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Euros / Agency is always on the lookout for new talents and offers the opportunity to work both in Paris and Brussels.


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Euros / Agency welcome new senior collaborators including Richard Boutet, former Director of Public Affairs at Airbnb France

Richard Boutet joins the Public Affairs division of the agency as Senior Account Director. Meanwhile, Marion Soury, formerly an employee of APCO Worldwide, has joined the Brussels office. These new recruits are the latest in a series of 13 successive additions to our team since June 2016 to support the growth of the agency. Euros / Agency now comprises 25 members.

6 March 2017

Euros / Agency Wishes for 2017

In 2017 We Make the Country Great Again

12 January 2017

Euros / Agency wishes for 2016

We wish you a totally gnarly 1986 !

Some agencies were born in the 80s. In our case, our team was.

12 January 2016

Digital single market : "Putting the brakes on progress?"

Op-ed by Mathieu Collet& Martin Wittenberg

If you’re in Brussels and you try to order a ride using the Uber-app, you receive the following message: There are no cars available. Discover why. A link then invites you to share Uber’s petition to protest its recent ban in Belgium.

23 October 2015

Politico: Euros / Agency, "new kid on the block" of Brussels lobbyists

Politico, the reference of political and influence journalism in Washington and Brussels, introduce Euros / Agency in the rising generation of lobbying firms in Brussels in its Edition of 24th of September 2015.

25 September 2015

Our wishes for 2015

One more year, and never closer

Happy New Year !

5 January 2015